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Nickname: Ireallycantsay
Country:United Kingdom
Hair color:Grey
Eye color:Blue
Height:177 cm / 5' 10"
Weight:88 Kg / 13 stone 12


I,m clean white respectful and honest not your typical mature guy still a little young at heart and mischievousness I like a good conversation as well as the rest of it hence being on hear. So too sum it up I am not looking for Miss world age,race and appearances is not on the top of my shopping list personality is more of a priority. As far as sexual performance goes i would class my self as a lover not some wild stallion I like the kissing cuddling and foreplay so not really the two minute wonder man and neither am I all about the sex it would be nice just to meet up on accession just for a drink and chat I would stress at this time that anyone thinking of taking the plunge and contacting me must appreciate I have a long term partner and I have no intentions of changing that I really can only meet during the day times in the week and please consider I live in Worcestershire so If your miles away it,s not feasible to be driving 50,60, mile to meet up knowing you need to be back to pick kids up from school or have partners tea ready for when he gets home . If your still reading you must be thinking I,m a right boring sod and you would be wrong I am mischievousness out going and looking for the forbidden fruit of life but at the same time i,m a realist and not hear to destroyer any ones marriage or my own relationship with my partner so if you fit the bill lets start an adventure and put some F back in fun

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Female, 26-35, 36-54, 55+


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